Nursing (RN to BSN) – BS

Nursing (RN to BSN) – BS

Nursing (RN to BSN)

Bachelor of Science Degree

186.5 Quarter Credits / 2430 Clock Hours / 125.5 Weeks

Program Description:

Dade Medical College’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is designed to help the individual student to advance in the nursing profession. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complexity of nursing through social-cultural responsibility and accountability as a member of the nursing profession. Students learn to use systematic inquiry to make decisions about nursing practices, evaluate outcomes, and contribute to nursing know ledge. In our BSN program, students collaborate with individuals and families, as well as colleagues in nursing and other disciplines, to promote the well-being of the community. Graduates from the BSN program are prepared for the pursuit of advanced study in nursing and life-long learning. The student will be granted a Bachelor of Science degree upon successful completion of the program and fulfilling all financial obligations to Dade Medical College.

* Dade Medical College will be accepting 76.5 credits from an Associate’s Program in Nursing. Credits will be evaluated to determine transferability.

Program Objectives:

It is the purpose of Dade Medical College’s BSN program to help students to synthesize their theoretical and practical knowledge in developing well rounded nurses who care for individuals, families, and communities. Students in our BSN program understand the benefits of both nursing and General Education courses in promoting well-rounded education, professional advancement, and responsible citizenship. Our program prepares graduates to communicate effectively, demonstrate cultural sensitivity, accept accountability, understand changes in the healthcare community, demonstrate critical thinking, and integrate methods of research and scholarship in working with patients and the community at large.

Core Course Descriptions:

DBSN300 Introduction to Nursing Leadership and Organizational Management
DBSN302 Health Assessment
DBSN304 General Pathophysiology
DBSN306 Nursing Role and Scope
DBSN308 Pharmacotherapeutics
DBSN310 Health Policy and Legal Aspects of Nursing
DBSN312 Critical Thinking in Nursing
DBSN400 Transcultural Nursing Care
DBSN400L Transcultural Nursing Care Clinical
DBSN402 Nursing Research
DBSN404 Nursing Informatics
DBSN406 Holistic Nursing Care in Community
DBSN406L Holistic Nursing Care in Community Clinical
DBSN408 Nursing Care of the Geriatric and Family
DBSN410 Nursing Leadership and Management
DBSN410L Nursing Leadership and Management Practicum

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