Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Associate of Science Degree

98 Quarter Credits / 1180 Clock Hours / 61 Weeks

Program Description:

The Medical Assistant program instructs students on practical and theoretical skills needed in training to become
a Medical Assistant. Students will be trained to assist in medical settings by performing basic procedures including the processing of patients, performing vital sign checks, drawing blood and performing basic Electrocardiograms. In addition, upon completion the graduate will possess a working knowledge in subjects such as medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, basic medical office examination procedures, phlebotomy and other Medical Assistant-related skills. The student will be issued an Associate of Science degree upon successful completion of the program, meeting all course requirements and fulfilling all financial obligations to Dade Medical College.

Program Objectives:

The objective of the Medical Assistant program is to prepare the graduate for entry-level employment as a Medical Assistant in a medical office, clinic or other related medical facilities. Students are instructed in various topics including patient processing, patient confidentiality procedures, performing various duties such as taking vital signs, drawing blood, performing basic EKGs as well as other related tasks. Certification is recommended but not required to work in the field.

Core Course Descriptions:

DMMA 106 Human Disease and Pathology
DMMA 109 Pharmacology, Drug Administration and Nutrition
DMMA 110 Medical Front-Office Procedures and Computer Applications
DMMA 112 Medical Office Business and Financial Management, Billing and Collection
DMMA 114 Microbial Control and Asepsis
DMMA 118 Medical Office Surgical Procedures and Minor Treatment
DMMA 120 Phlebotomy and Hematology I
DMMA 121 Phlebotomy and Hematology II
DMMA 122 Electrocardiography
DMMA 124 Medical Assistant Externship I
DMMA 126 Medical Assistant Externship II
DMMA 128 Imaging Techniques, Protocols, and Procedures
DMMA 130 Medical Assistant Certification Review

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