Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography

Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography

Associate of Science Degree

116 Quarter Credits / 1840 Clock Hours / 94 Weeks

Program Description:

Training for the Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Program is delivered utilizing a combination of didactic and practical teaching methodologies via textbook, lecture, laboratory, and hands-on experience. The instruction is intended for students who wish to seek employment as a Registered Diagnostic Sonographer in the specialty of Cardiac Sonography. Topics covered include cardiovascular principles and physics, cardiovascular evaluation methods, anatomy and physiology of the heart and related systems, pathology in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular disease, and proper imaging technique and protocols. The student will be granted an Associate of Science degree upon successful completion of the program, meeting all course requirements and fulfilling all financial obligations to Dade Medical College. Students may not be remunerated for externship hours. The program does not object to students working in the field outside of assigned school externship hours, as allowed by the state of Florida and professional organizations that award credentials in the field of echocardiography.

Program Objectives:

The objective of the Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography program is to teach the student how to properly and adequately perform an echocardiogram, demonstrating competency and skill in identification and sonographic evaluation of the heart and its different functions, as well as proper imaging technique and protocol. The program will enable the student to prepare to sit for the cardiac specialty, RCS, (Registered Cardiac Sonographer), a credential awarded by the CCI, (Cardiovascular Credentialing International), immediately upon graduation* and/or RDCS, (Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer), a credential awarded by the ARDMS, (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography), which would require twelve months of experience.

*CCI has changed this rule effective for any student enrolling after August 31, 2013.

Our Ultrasound Physics Review for the ARDMS SPI Examination Review and Preparation course is designed to prepare students for the SPI examination offered by the ARDMS.  This course provides students with a review of Basic Mathematical Principles and Physics Sonographic Principles and Instrumentation classroom training in an easy-to-understand format with all the necessary information for the student to prepare for the examination.  Topics are explained clearly and simply and each concept is understood through the use of educational tools that include comprehensive seminars and practice exam questions to obtain and/or improve multiple-choice test-taking skills.
The Echocardiography Registry Review Course is designed to assist students that are candidates (graduates of an accredited Echocardiography or Cardiovascular Technology educational program) for primary registration as a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer (“RDCS”) with the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (“ARDMS”).  The review will consist of registry examination-type questions which include Anatomy and Physiology, Clinical Indications, technique, 2-Dimensional and M-Mode echocardiography, Spectral and Color Flow Doppler imaging, evaluation of heart valves, diseases of the heart, pathological mechanisms, clinical manifestations and therapeutic measures of diseases that affect the heart.

Core Course Descriptions:

DDCS 100 Cardiovascular Principles and Physics
DDCS 102 Instrumentation Physics and Technique
DDCS 104 Physics and Cardiovascular Evaluation Methods, EKG
DDCS 106 Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart and Related Systems
DDCS 108 Pathology in Clinical Cardiology
DDCS 110 Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease
DDCS 112 Cardiovascular Disease and Therapeutic Measures
DDCS 114 Adult Echocardiography Protocols and Procedures
DDCS 116 Congenital Heart Disease
DDCS 118 Externship I
DDCS 120 Externship II

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